Dear Bucketeers,

I regret to inform you that this site has now closed. This is a sad thing for me to say because I have spent a lot of hours, determination, passion and hard work to bring you useful content on a weekly basis and high quality events to help you further your creative careers.

Firstly, I’d like to thank everybody that has contributed to this project as it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I’d also like to thank our fantastic customers and attendees for buying tickets to our events and turning up as well as the international following and daily hit-rate we have built up over time which wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing team of writers.


For those of you that don’t understand my situation (full explanation available here:), I started MyEventBucket out of desperation to help overcome my homelessness situation but unfortunately I didn’t have a business plan at the time as it was done on a ‘whim’ which means that we ended up doing ‘a bit of this, and a bit of that’ which hasn’t been a bad thing as it has helped me to find something that works whilst learning some crucial business lessons along the way. I look at MyEventBucket as a stepping soon to the bigger picture (which is on its’ way)…

So where did we go wrong? We tried Speed Dating and that didn’t work. We tried business networking and that failed. We tried comedy nights with a well-known comedian and friend, Naomi Hefter and sadly that didn’t work too. Ultimately, the business has lacked brand consistency and a clear direction from day one.

Most of you will know that over the past few months we have (by a large stroke of luck) fallen into ‘Strictly Go Networking’ for Music, Fashion, Art and Film & TV professionals which have been very successful and have grown at an incredible speed. We have even had numerous celebrities and VIPs speak at these events and it has been exhilarating to say the least!

SO what I have decided to do is go back to basics, take our successful event brand ‘Strictly Go Networking’ and launch it under a BRAND NEW company name/brand that actually fits in line with what we are doing. YES, I have written a business plan. I have also been accepted for a nice sum of funding by the Start-Up Loans Company and we have a brand new site in the making meaning that the events will continue but on a much larger scale than before with much better public speakers alongside some fantastic showcase and recruitment opportunities for all of you lovely and friendly creative professionals!

We are launching our new initiative very soon and you are all invited. This domain will soon be re-directed to the new site which I can assure you is ten times better than this very basic WordPress blog. I can’t wait to show you our new company name and website alongside the fantastic speakers we already have confirmed for our next expansion.

By the way, our new slogan is ‘Creating Opportunities for Creative People…’

I shall speak to you all soon and I can’t wait.

George Taylor,

Director of MyEventBucket (soon to be something FAR GREATER!)